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About Us

Until now, IT consultants and integrators sold products, installed them and then moved on. IComm decided that this approach was just not good enough. We needed to redefine the experience, so we designed Halcyon. 

Our name comes from the ancient Greek story of the Halcyon bird. As the story goes, the halcyon nests on the beach during the short period each winter when the gods calm the wind and the waves. This time became known as the "halcyon days", when storms never occur. And thus, the halcyon became a symbol of tranquility, calm, and prosperity.

Halcyon is our change management offering that helps our customers increase their rates of adoption and consumption. We are involved very early in the process and engage those most important people to the success of the project, the end users. With this new approach, Halcyon and IComm are now with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the best value for money.

We aim to calm the sea by assisting you every step of the way through your change management project.

Welcome to the start of your Halcyon Days.

The Halcyon Mission & Vision

Halcyon was born out of need - the need for appreciation of, and to understand, the struggles that users and organisations go through when adopting new ways of working, tech-related or not. If we don't understand these struggles, how are we to expect our fellow humans to embrace change, and the unknown, if we aren't ready to assist them along the journey?  We truly believe that the hardest part about change is the unknown - if we can mitigate that, then we are so many steps ahead of the game!  We bridge the gap between people and technology by helping businesses transition to modern ways of working.

Our Mission

We revolutionise change by calming the waters to encourage prosperity and growth.

Our Vision

We empower every person we engage to achieve greatness.


What We Do

Halcyon customers get the best from leading technology through our transformation model that engages stakeholders, lots of communication, interaction with the people and followed up with extensive training and monitoring. Our team is made up of change management practitioners and qualified training professionals that deal with people, that’s the Halcyon way.

We have found that the only way users adopt technology is if they are well prepared, and they embrace the changes. Halcyon ensures a higher rate of consumption and adoption of technology in the workplace.  When technology is consumed at a higher rate, a better return on investment is achieved.

Halcyon’s change managers are certified in APMG International Change Management. The theory used by the Halcyon team is known as ADAPT. It is influenced by the work of Dr John Kotter and Rosabeth Moss Kanter.



  • Know why the change is taking place.

  • Know why the change must take place.


  • Form a powerful partnership who embrace the need for change and who can rally others.

  • Create a vision of the desired result.

  • Identify the key stakeholders, sponsors, advocates, and change champions.

  • Conduct an impact and risk assessment to find out what else is going on in the organisation.


  • Communicate the vision.

  • One and two-way communications across multiple mediums.

  • User profiling, roadshows, sponsors meetings, change champions meetings.

  • Ensure that we celebrate and publicise the wins.


  • Pilot a staged approach.

  • Begin the roll-out, then provide support.


  • Refine the changes for optimum adoption.

  • Training – group, walk the floor, continuously monitor performance.

  • Celebrate and publicise success.

  • Continue to communicate across multiple mediums.


As a result of this methodology, Halcyon focuses of five key actions to deliver higher rates of adoption and ensure successful organisational change.





Understand key milestone dates

Super Users Training

Post-Cut-Over Support

Ongoing user support



Understand & display best Practice


Lead By Example

Attend Training

Understand key milestone dates

Success Criteria




Blockers and Risks

Understand & display best Practice



Communications Plan

Instructional – Videos, Guides, and Tutorials

Roadshow and Demonstration announcements

Encourage Feedback


End User discussions with Heads of departments and or staff nominated by Heads of departments

How the user is being impacted by the change

Educate why the change is taking place




Buy in



How the technology will benefit the user


Project review

Staff Satisfaction Survey

User Adoption Statistics


Case Studies


Berry Street engaged with IComm's change management program, Halcyon, to ensure their technology was adopted all across the organisation.


MYOB were using an old telephony platform that were delivering only voice. They needed something that would give them the ability to have more unified communications, including video conference, messaging, collaboration tools, and Skype For Business was the perfect fit.


Anglicare Victoria went through a due diligence process to find a unified communications solution that would best fit how they work.


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